1.  Welding Arc Electrodes

             i.  Mild Steel Electrodes

             ii.  Low Hydrogen &Low Alloy Steel Electrodes

             iii.  Electrodes For Heat & Creep Resistance Steels

             iv.  Electrodes For Stainless Steels and Heat                   Resistance Steels

             v.  Electrodes For Hard-facing

             vi.  Electrodes For Cast Iron

             vii.  Electrodes For Nickel & Nickel Alloys

             viii. Electrodes For Special Applications

      2.  Flux Cored Wires/ Solid CO2/ Solid S.S. MIG             Wire

             i. Mild Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex                 and Super Duplex Steel, High Nickel Alloys                 and Hard-facing Wires

      3.  SAW(Submerge Arc Welding)/TIG Wires &            Tungsten
      4.  Cutting Electrodes / Arc Gauging and Carbon            Gauging Electrodes

B.  Welding Machines

      1.  Transformer
      2.  Thyristor and Invertor Base Arc Welding             Machine
      3.  Thyristor and Invertor Base MIG Welding             Machine
      4.  Thyristor and Invertor Base TIG Welding             Machine
      5.  Thyristor Base SAW Machine
      6.  Pug Cutting Machine

C.  Welding Accessories &       Spares

      1.  Torches

             i.  MIG Torches

             ii.  TIG Torches

             iii. Gouging Torches

      2.  Welding Holders and Earthing Clamp
      3.  Welding Electrodes Drying Ovens

             i.   Mother Ovens

             ii.  Portable Ovens

      4.  CO2 Preheater, Regulator and Flow Meters
      5.  Welding Cables and Hose Pipes
      6.  Welding Glasses

D.  Gas Cutting Equipment’s       & Spares

      1.  Gas Cutting Torches
      2.  Gas Heating Torches
      3.  Gas Cutting Nozzles and Heating Burners
      4.  Flash Back Arrester

             i. For DA (Dissolved Acetylene) Side

             ii. For OXY Side

      5.  Regulators

             i. For Argon, Oxygen, L.P.G., Helium and CO2

E.  NDT and Not NDT Testing       Products

      1.  D.P. (Dye Penetrant) Testing
      2.  M.P.I. (Magnetic Particle Inspection) Testing
      3.  U.V. (Ultra-Violet) Testing Lamps and             Assemblies

F.  Safety Equipment’s

      1.  Hand Gloves
      2.  Welding Apron’s
      3.  Welding Curtains
      4.  Welding Sleeves
      5.  Welding Hand Screen
      6.  Welding Helmet

             i.  Sturdy Type

             ii. Auto Darkening

      7.  Safety Shoes

G.  Mechanical and       Electrical Maintenance       Products of Stanvac       Chemicals (I) Ltd.

      1.  General Purpose & Special Purpose Greeses             and Lubricants
      2.  Coatings

             i.  Shop Floor Coating

             ii.  Corrosion Resistance Coating

             iii. Thermal Resistance Coating

             iv.  Fire Resistance Coating

             v.  Insulations

H.  Grinding Wheels

      1.  Thin Wheels
      2. Bonded Abrasive
      3. Super Abrasive
      4. Non-Woven Abrasive
      5. Construction Products
      6. Coated Abrasive